How to develop a social media strategy that works

by 14 Mar 2017

I have asked MGIC's Marketing Department for some insight on the question we have received -- outlining how you can consider leveraging social media for increased business opportunities. They began the series with “Establishing a Social Media Policy.” In week 2, MGIC discusses “How to Develop a Social Media Strategy That Works” and in week 3, they’ll conclude with “Taking Your Social Media Strategy to New Heights.”


Part II: Our company is considering allowing its employees to use social media for business. Where do we get started with this process and how do we make it work for our sales force?

--Aubrey from Minnesota

The average loan officer can leverage social media to build out a positive digital footprint that reaches a broader audience and increases mortgage business. There are a few key steps to follow to ensure you are developing a proper social media strategy. Last week the importance of having and following your company’s social media policy was discussed.

This week will focus on the importance of analyzing your website traffic. Discovering what pages are of most interest to your target demographic and understanding which devices are used to access your site is an important step in developing a social media strategy. Knowing this information can provide valuable insight and allow you to make more educated decisions on what type of content to create (or curate) for social media. By incorporating this approach your content is more likely to be engaged with. This is key to expanding your reach to others in the industry.

Looking for more quick tips on how to develop a social media strategy? Click Here to see these five other ways a loan officer can develop an impactful social media strategy.

--Dave Hershman


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