How do you increase your visibility?

by 21 Mar 2017
I have asked MGIC's Marketing Department for some insight on the question we have received regarding how you can consider leveraging social media for increased business opportunities. They began the series with “Establishing a Social Media Policy." In week 2, MGIC discussed “How to Develop a Social Media Strategy That Works” and in the final installment this week, they conclude with “Taking Your Social Media Strategy to New Heights." 

Part III: Our company is considering allowing its employees to use social media for business. Where do we get started with this process and how do we make it work for our sales force? 

--Aubrey from Minnesota

Building a social media strategy in the mortgage industry doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. It starts with having an action plan, doing the initial set-up work and then managing your time and resources accordingly. Start small on key platforms where you know your target customer base is active. 

Once your social media presence is established, take the next step and collaborate. Leverage your referral partnerships in the mortgage industry to expand your social media strategy to the next level. Collaborate with your referral partners to reach new audiences and amplify key messages. 

Being a loan officer is about being savvy and open to new ways of increasing your referral sources - which in turn will increase your opportunities for social media collaboration. A couple of ways to find new referral sources include: 

Consider partnering with local educational institutions to increase your visibility. Offer to volunteer your time at local high schools or colleges to talk about the value of saving money or building and protecting credit.

Reach out to builders in your area. Offer to collaborate with builders in a way that removes the need for them to vet qualified buyers on their end. Consider running the pre-approval process for those interested buyers. This ensures the builder is working with a strong homebuyer and is an added convenience to both the builder and the homebuyer. 

Want even more suggestions on potential referral partners in the mortgage industry to increase referral business? Check out this post.

--Dave Hershman

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