How do you find the time to integrate new loan officers?

by MPA27 Oct 2015
You have been writing about recruiting. But my problem is that I can't spend the time to help integrate new loan officers into our systems. We are a small company and I do 30% of the production. How do I solve this problem?
--Donald from Iowa

Whether you are a small company, or perhaps a remote branch of a larger company, I absolutely agree that I would not be bringing in new sales people without an "onboarding" or "orientation" program in place. Here is the good news. Even though you are the top producer and manager/owner, and you are most qualified to integrate them, you don't have to be the orientation point person. This is where delegation becomes most important. Last week, I spoke about mentorship programs. Assigning the new loan officer to a mentor who has the primary responsibility to integrate them is a great strategy.

This does not mean that the new person follows the mentor around for a month to "absorb" the information. There needs to be a formal agenda. And the mentor does not have to deliver all training, but should be responsible for making sure it gets done. For example, sitting with a processor to learn about file submissions. Or a session with you regarding marketing strategies. Doing it this way contributes to the enhancement of the building a team within the organization. Speaking of delegation, this trait is important on the production side as well. I will address that point next week.
--Dave Hershman

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