How can you make social media work for you?

by MPA22 Sep 2015
Part II. I am hearing more and more about social media alternatives to bring in business. I am older and really have not participated in things like Facebook. Should I be making this a focus?
--Al from Georgia

Last week we said that the answer was "yes," but we cautioned this is not about posting and waiting. It is about delivering value. For years we have spoken about content marketing and have provided valuable content for real estate agent and consumer marketing. To me, the social media should be an extension of that effort. If you post an article and a real estate agent "likes" and/or shares a comment, you are in position to say something like, "Would you like a copy of this article you can forward to your clients and prospects?" That is a lot better than, "Can you send me some business?" This is why I have always focused upon writing newsletters, alerts and articles and providing them on a regular basis. You also must be consistent when posting on social media and having access to materials will enable you to accomplish that goal.  

The next question is: where do you start? I would start in LinkedIn. Why? Because it is business-based. Your business should come from referrals. And your best referral sources are in business, whether they be real estate agents, financial planners, insurance agents or have some other business focus. Linked-in is a great way to connect "professionally" (as opposed to Facebook) with those you have lost track of, as well as those you can meet. The next question is: should you invite a bunch of agents to connect and then start calling them? Our segment next week will cover that question.    
--Dave Hershman

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