Do your referral partners know how to refer you?

by MPA17 May 2016
Part III: I have a few real estate agents who give out my name with two other loan officers, but I never seem to get the deal. When I do speak to the prospect, I usually have a chance, but I rarely hear from them.

--Richard from Michigan

In the past two weeks we have discussed a real estate agent "singling you out" among the other loan officers they recommend, as well as focusing upon the relationship with the agent when prospects call. This week, we will end our discussion with a very important topic – teaching agents how to refer you. Even if they are singling you out, what do you want them to say about you? Perhaps you did a great job handling a tough client or the fact that you attend settlements. Do not assume they know what to say to persuade the client to call you.

Also, do not assume that they know the best way to connect the two of you. If they are just giving out three cards and favoring you with some particular language, the client may not even remember that you are "favored" in some way. Or maybe they have a bank account with the other loan officer's company. A better way to refer you is an introductory email to the clients which copies you. That way you can take the initiative by contacting the client. This assures that you will get a chance to convert the prospect, and it also helps the agent because your attempt to move the prospect forward makes it more likely that they will buy a home more quickly.

If the agent gives them your card, you may hear from them 30% of them time. If you make contact with them, you may wind up connecting 70% of the time. Which number do you prefer?

--Dave Hershman

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