Do you have these referral sources on your list?

by Dave Hershman23 Jan 2018
Part II: You recently commented upon divorce attorneys as an alternative source of business. What other alternative sources would you recommend?

–Brian from Iowa

Last week we spoke about the importance of picking niches that fit the needs of the sphere, as well as being diversified. This week we will go deeper with two particular alternative sources – accountants and financial planners. There are several important reasons that you should have at least one, if not a few, of these professionals as part of your referral team.
  • Both accountants and financial planners are giving out financial advice on topics such as limiting their client's tax liability and structuring investments. Their advice at times will include selling, purchasing or refinancing homes. Thus, they are an important source of referrals.
  • Their clients tend to be more upscale, and therefore this will help you build larger transaction sizes.
  • You will be in a position to refer business to these professionals. When someone purchases a home, they need to fit their home into their overall financial plan. Plus, you are dealing with tax returns all the time – for example, the need to build a quick P&L when the client does not have a CPA or theirs is not available.
  • Being associated with financial professionals elevates your position amongst your clients and other referral sources. You can get quick answers from experts. These professionals can also help your other referral sources as well.

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