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by MPA11 Aug 2015
Part III: I work from inside a real estate office under a joint marketing agreement with the real estate company. I was just assigned to the office recently, but the agents don't seem to be open to working with me because of the poor job the previous loan officer did in that office. How can I change things around quickly because I don't have much time financially?
--Rebecca from Wisconsin

In our final segment working with this question, we will focus on differentiating yourself from within a real estate office. Real estate agents are used to loan officers approaching them and trying to get referrals. If you are inside a real estate office, you have a unique opportunity to differentiate yourself from "outside" loan officers acting as sales people. You want to elevate yourself as a partner to the office. Your focus? Not only getting deals closed, but helping each agent increase their business.

How can you do that? Start with quality education -- sales meetings, lunch and learns and seminars. Education which is not only focused upon home financing, but also focused upon helping make them better agents. Go the extra mile by hosting open houses and broker opens for the listing agents so that you can help turn their listings into lead machines. When I was in a real estate office as a loan officer, I helped agents write contracts, especially the financing segment. In some respects, I was seen as the "assistant" to the broker. He even introduced me to potential recruits as an asset they would have access to. The more you help the broker recruit, the more they will help you within the office. 
--Dave Hershman
Dave Hershman has been the leading author and a top speaker for the industry for decades with six books authored and hundreds of articles published. His website is www.originationpro.com. If you have a reaction to this commentary or another question you would like answered in this column? Email Dave directly at dave@hershmangroup.com.   



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