Credit scores are constantly evolving

by 10 Jan 2017

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Part II: My clients call and say they have already obtained their own credit report. Then I run their report and my results are significantly different. How do I make sense of it all?

—Allison from Indiana

Last week I brought up the concept of a movie when discussing the movements of credit scores. This week we will delve deeper with regard to explaining this analogy. Whatever is going on in that "scene" in your credit movie is used to generate your scores. Because the scenes or accounts on our credit are constantly changing, we can never truly know what our scores are at any given time. Account balances can change, new inquiries can report, collections can show up, late payments can post and so forth.

Credit reporting is not exactly "real time," which means that, if I use a credit card today, the new balance will not be reflected on my report tomorrow. With that being said, it is relatively fluid and things can change literally overnight. We won't know what may have changed or what our scores are until we hit pause or submit. The process of how are scores are generated is cause for an entirely different topic. In the interim, the next time someone says "I have an 800 credit score," you can correct them and say "your score WAS 800 last time you hit pause!" As always thanks for reading, I hope you found this helpful, as my goal is to help you understand the mad, mad world of credit reporting.

Chad Kusner

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