Ask the Expert: How to use content marketing to attract more clients

by Dave Hershman06 Apr 2015
By Dave Hershman

Part III of the answer to this question: Last week you talked about how often newsletters should be sent out. In your answer you talked about newsletters and other "content" marketing and achieving other purposes besides name identification. What other are the other uses of the newsletters?
Seth from California
In the last column, we discussed the variety of content. Now let's move to what to use the content for. Yes, newsletters can be used for keeping our name in front of your sphere, including previous clients. But there is the opportunity for so much more...
  • Getting the Phone to Ring. The newsletters should contain response mechanisms (otherwise known as "call to actions") which make the phone ring. This could be an offer for an article or the creation of a sense of urgency because of changes in the markets and/or regulations.
  • Prospect Conversion. Either the newsletter should contain articles or you should have an article library on topics that pique the interest of prospects. For example, if they are interested in vacation homes--what are the considerations?
  • Sales Meetings. There should be topics which are of interest to deliver to real estate agent and other sales meetings. These can be sales articles or finance topics. They will not be handy-home owner hints or recipes. That is a good standard--would you present the topic to professionals and will it make you look like an expert?
  • Procuring Leads and Referrals. You can duplicate articles on the back of flyers and rate sheets when you distribute them. You can also distribute at home buying fairs and other events. Just letting your new clients know you have these can prompt them to provide referrals from others who can benefit.
  • < >You can give these articles to your referral sources to send to their prospects and customers.  By cobranding these you are actually leveraging your marketing efforts. Dave Hershman to download samples or to try out the system which will give you 14 days of full access.
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