Are you setting short-term goals?

by MPA05 Jan 2016
Part IV: It looks like I will not meet my goals for this year. Though I did okay--I never seem to surpass my goals. What can I change to make 2016 different?
--Eduardo from California

Previously, we have presented your choices for long-term goals which describe where you are heading and why you work so hard to achieve your goals. We then moved to your "medium-term" goals which are your bigger goals for next year. For example, how much would you like to make and how many referrals do you need to get there. This week we will speak about your short-term goals. What are these? Short-term goals are comprised of your daily activities which are designed to meet your medium-term goals.

Start with your daily "to-do" list. How are each of the things on the list supposed to help you meet this year's goals? Which things on the list tend to get done and which ones do not? For example, if you know you need to call to set up an appointment with a referral source, and you don't make that call for a few days, this may mean that your call reluctance is hurting your chances of making your goals. Your list should be redone every day. Remove things that are not contributing and reprioritize marketing activities.

I am not here to set your marketing activities day-to-day, whatever you choose is up to you. But you should always start the year with 4-8 activities which you take on a regular basis -- from sending newsletters or other value-add items to making calls to previous customers and referral sources. If you make 4 calls per day, it will result in 1,000 calls per year. This is a pretty lofty goal, but if you do it every day is not that hard to achieve.
--Dave Hershman

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