Are you keeping your service levels high?

by 04 Aug 2015
Part II: I work from inside a real estate office under a joint marketing agreement with the real estate company. I was just assigned to the office recently, but the agents don't seem to be open to working with me because of the poor job the previous loan officer did in that office. How can I change things around quickly because I don't much time financially?
--Rebecca from Wisconsin

Last week we spoke about creating a great first impression in the office. This week, I would like to talk about service levels. It is true that some agents are open to use you because of loyalty to the company and just because of sheer convenience -- you are there so often (or all the time). Others will be loyal to outside loan officers and actually be reticent to use you because they feel it is as if they will be associated with your service if something goes wrong.

Thus, there are two keys here. First, is to make sure the service factor is taken out of the equation. This is not easy to do because if something goes wrong, bad news travels at the speed of sound within a real estate office. That means you must have excellent proactive communication skills and the public relations machine must be turned on at all times. For example, when you do a good job, do you get testimonials from the agents and consumers and post them, as well as using them in marketing? The second key? Differentiation. You need to show them not only do you give great service, but you are there to help them do more business. More on that next week.   
--Dave Hershman
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