Are listing agents good contacts?

by MPA01 Dec 2015
Part II: When I approach real estate agents, they sometimes tell me that they are listing agents and I should not bother to call on them. Some add that they don't deal with buyers. Should I just stay away from them?
-- Jocelyn from Michigan

Last week we spoke about the fact that you should be researching agents so that you know what the situation is before the meeting, unless meeting at an event. We also talked about 90% of the agents being more productive. Here is the good news -- listings agents are usually higher producers so they are more likely to fall into the 10% category. And not only that, regardless of what they say in this objection response, they generate plenty of sales.

When someone they list a house for is going to buy another home as a "move-up" buyer, you think they tell them that they should go somewhere else? In reality, they either handle the sale themselves or they refer them to someone else on their "team." Thus, the statement of objection is stated this way so that you will leave them alone, not because they can't introduce you to potential buyers. And this response usually works because many loan officers don't have a good solid retort. Certainly, you can't respond by saying, you are not telling the entire truth here. So, what can you say? Next week we will show you that there is an appropriate response.
--Dave Hershman

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