Outperform your competition in loan origination

How are lenders setting themselves apart from their competition and turning more applications into loans?

Top loan originators are harnessing the power of automation to simplify historically manual processes – allowing them to improve closing cycle times and deliver a superior borrower experience. With the right technology, lenders are finding new ways to increase efficiency.

In this free webinar from the experts at Freddie Mac, you’ll learn how to leverage third-party verified customer and loan data to create a simplified process that reduces risk and requires less borrower involvement. So you – and your borrowers – get to the closing table faster.

Watch now to gain insights into:

  • Scaling your business and creating a superior client experience by leveraging technology.
  • Identifying the best path for your borrower by putting data to work for you.
  • Determining loan and investor eligibility as early in the process as possible.
  • Reducing loan fall out during origination by identifying potential issues early on.