Encouraging American homebuyers to ‘go local’

AIME wants to break through the 'glitz and glam' of big bank marketing to help brokers shine

Encouraging American homebuyers to ‘go local’

The following article was written in association with AIME

At a time when fluctuating interest rates and economic volatility have resulted in a lot of uncertainty for mortgage brokers, Jonathan Haddad, the newly appointed CEO of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), has made his mark as a beacon of resilience. With over a decade of experience in the mortgage sector, Haddad began his journey into leadership at the young age of 22. Today, his goal is simple – to support American home buyers by lifting up the mortgage broker community.

Speaking to MPA, Haddad shares insights into the challenges and opportunities that have shaped the mortgage and real estate landscape over the past two years. 

“The last 24 months have been difficult economically for a lot of people in the real estate and mortgage broker space. Loans aren’t as easy to originate, and interest rates have risen across the board,” he explains.

“Mindset has also been difficult to maintain – we’re so used to just having the ability to write loans and mortgages consistently because interest rates were low. When that gets taken away, you start to feel very constrained and you feel the pressure.”

AIME has become synonymous with innovation and support for mortgage brokers. Haddad highlights that peer-to-peer industry support has become particularly important during difficult times, and this has shaped the association’s goal to continue buildinga vibrant community of brokers who are able to share their knowledge.

“One of the things that I've learned is that people love having resources, and that's why we’ve seen this massive wave of enthusiasm for tools like ChatGPT,” he explains. 

“One of the biggest resources we have is our Facebook group, which is a community of 16,000 broker members. We have people that have been in the industry for 30-40+ years, and so having that knowledge at your fingertips and being able to ask questions to that group of high-level individuals – that’s really powerful.”

AIME is also revamping its membership offerings under Haddad’s leadership, and its portal will continue to provide direct access to lenders to allow brokers to escalate high-level loan issues. Haddad notes that this ability has already saved some members thousands in commissions – but if a broker is able to save even one loan, then the membership has already paid for itself.

An AIME membership culminates in the group’s much-anticipated annual Fuse national conference, which allows members to network with their peers, learn from the best and brightest originators in the wholesale channel and connect with others who are just as excited to do what they do.

Ultimately, Haddad notes that AIME’s key goal is to give home buyers the best deal possible. This means breaking through the ‘glitz and glam’ of big company marketing, and highlighting that mortgage brokers are, in many cases, a better option for the consumer.

“There is data that clearly indicates this,” Haddad says. “So go local, go talk to your local mortgage broker, keep your local business active and you will see that our process is just as – if not more – efficient.”

To find out more about membership with AIME and how it can support your business, click here.