Meeting the needs of investor clients in the mortgage industry

One firm is transforming the investor financing landscape with its strategic approach

Meeting the needs of investor clients in the mortgage industry

Mortgage brokers constantly strive to identify untapped opportunities and cater to underserved market segments. This pursuit led CEO Dustin Rosenberg and COO Jonathan Yoo to establish Convoy Home Loans in early 2021, just before the market became more challenging.

Rosenberg and Yoo’s dedication to serving the investor community has set them apart in the mortgage industry. With a focus on non-QM loans, DSCR loans, and bank statement loans, Convoy Home Loans has positioned itself as a partner for mortgage brokers seeking to assist investor clients. They pride themselves on their ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions, enabling them to make a meaningful impact in an often-overlooked segment of the market.

“Convoy was founded with the intention of helping the more underserved class of the mortgage industry, particularly investor clients seeking financing for investment properties or non-owner-occupied properties,” Rosenberg said. “Currently, approximately 90% of our business revolves around non-owner-occupied financing, encompassing various aspects such as non-QM loans, debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans, and bank statement loans.”

Yoo added that they recognized a gap in the market and chose to navigate a different path from the conventional FHA and VA loan routes that their competitors were pursuing.

“We made a conscious decision to service the clientele base that we knew would come into play, especially now,” Yoo elaborated. “Many investors are now entering the market, and there is a growing demand for DSCR loans and similar products. We have been specializing in these offerings for the past two and a half years since the inception of Convoy.”

One of the primary reasons Rosenberg and Yoo were able to surpass others was their commitment to offering a diverse range of solutions. They don’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach and attempt to fit clients into pre-existing solutions. Their extensive product portfolio, combined with the wide array of lenders and loan programs at their disposal, enables them to customize loan programs to meet the unique needs of their clients.

“We take a strategic and meticulous approach to ensure successful outcomes,” Rosenberg explained. “We don’t simply throw things against the wall and hope they stick. Instead, we strategically create deals, leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience to navigate the intricacies of non-owner-occupied financing.

“By tailoring the loan program to the client’s requirements and aligning it with the specific property or deal at hand, we can transform a project that might barely break even into one that generates a 20% cash flow.”

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Rosenberg noted that maintaining a competitive edge in the market requires constant diligence and extensive research. “Justin and I have invested considerable time in identifying lenders and funding sources that offer more favorable rates compared to the broader market,” he said.

This strategic partnership with lenders enables them to create loan packages that are advantageous for their clients. Through strategic deal-making and a comprehensive understanding of this unique market, Convoy Home Loans has distinguished itself as an expert in serving the needs of this underserved community.

“As the demand for investor financing continues to rise, Convoy Home Loans remains committed to providing tailored solutions and delivering exceptional results,” Yoo said.

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