CIVIC unveils rental program for investors

The company offers loans to investors who want to acquire a property for renting

CIVIC unveils rental program for investors

Civic Financial Services (CIVIC) has introduced a new rental program designed for real estate investors who want to buy a rental property but do not meet the requirements of conventional loans.

The expanded product offerings provide real estate investors with straightforward terms and fewer documentation requirements. Specifically, CIVIC’s new rental program is targeted towards investors focused on acquiring distressed properties with the intent to hold and rent.

“In markets where valuations are softening, there may be less opportunity to ride the wave of appreciation, leading investors to adopt a longer-term strategy,” CIVIC President William Tessar said. “With our product line-up, now including rental, CIVIC will continue to deliver speed, leverage, and consistency. We can help our clients grow their portfolios and reach their goals — whether they are looking to fix and flip quickly or rent their properties. We want to be the lending partner for our customers, in all of those scenarios.”