Reliant Bank Mortgage Services offers free HELOC consumer education

Free eBook provides detailed information on HELOCs

Reliant Bank Mortgage Services offers free HELOC consumer education

Reliant Bank Mortgage Services has announced the launch of Control Your Equity, a new education brand for home equity lines of credit (HELOC).

Reliant’s new brand provides free consumer literacy and education about HELOC products. Control Your Equity delves into topics like whether a HELOC could help consumers pay off their home, complete a home upgrade or renovation, finance a college education, travel more, as well as save up for retirement.

“A HELOC can be a valuable tool for paying off your mortgage and building wealth, yet many consumers don’t know about the pros and cons of using this financial product in home financing,” said Tim Conklin, LPO manager at Reliant Bank Mortgage Services. “Control Your Equity walks consumers through high-level education about HELOCs, typical qualifying needs, and digs deeper into the details through explainer videos and testimonials from other consumers who have benefited from this financial approach.”

Additionally, Reliant also launched a free eBook that offers details about the HELOC product and its benefits, such as potential access to equity, payment flexibility, and strategies on using the product.

“The information found in Control Your Equity typically costs consumers hundreds to thousands of dollars in online courses that are now available for free,” said Jackie Weed, vice president of mortgage operations at Reliant Bank. “We believe that providing this material to consumers honors our core value to ‘Grow Together’ while improving knowledge about this unique product and building trust in what we do. We hope consumers find this site a valuable resource where they’re able to increase their financial literacy and education – and potentially improve their financial situation.”