Academy Mortgage rewards staff with service opportunity in South Africa

Top performers at this independent purchase lender were able to help a South African school

Academy Mortgage rewards staff with service opportunity in South Africa
 A couple of days spent working on construction projects for a South African is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about sales incentives at mortgage companies, but that is what exactly 160 of the highest-performing staff at Academy Mortgage were rewarded with.

Loan officers, managers, executives, and other company representative journeyed to South Africa in September to participate in the independent purchase lender’s Service Expedition.

For two days, Academy staff offered their services for the benefit of The Makwetse School. With its more than 700 students filling its classrooms to capacity, Makwetse cannot and will not turn any child away or the school risks losing its government funding.

Academy’s Service Expedition focused on improving the school infrastructure. The volunteers helped in constructing the school kitchen, a vital addition in an environment where school meals are often some students’ only meals of the day. Academy staff also worked on key-hole gardens to help keep the kitchen’s shelves stocked. Makwetse student will tend the gardens.

Other projects included painting classrooms and windows, refurbishing more than 400 student desks, and painting bookshelves for the school’s new library in bright colors. Academy funded all of the projects, including the construction of the library and future construction of a new playground.

“The Service Expedition is an important component of our heavily service-oriented company culture,” Academy President James Mac Pherson said. “Our commitment to service initiatives—both at home and abroad—helps define our culture and differentiates our company in the mortgage industry.”

“A trip of this caliber, with service being the primary focus, is different from any other sales incentive trip of any company out there,” said Academy Sales Manager Jevon Domench of Vancouver, Wash. “It truly shows what Academy stands for.”

In addition to the service opportunity, the expedition also gave participants the chance to immerse in the local culture, either by joining in traditional celebrations, spending time bonding with the local people, or taking in the local sights. Participants also went on a safari and had dinner in the bush.

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