Tech firms team up for real estate revolution

Partnerships add strength to industry technology solutions

Tech firms team up for real estate revolution

Several technology firms have announced partnerships to further strengthen their push into the real estate market.

They include three firms that have teamed up to provide an enhanced CRM solution for real estate professionals; and another two that will work together to increase their referral business.

Propertybase, Boston Logic, and BackAgent have announced the launch of a unified product that simplifies the entire process of acquiring, nurturing and closing real estate transactions.

The new product, maintaining the Propertybase name, puts all assets in one place and includes:

  • Fully configurable real estate websites with embedded themes and intelligent SEO
  • A smart, goal-driven real estate CRM with lead routing, portal syndication and fully integrated MLSs
  • Compliance-driven back office tools, including paperless transaction management and a collaborative brokerage intranet
  • A modern marketing center that engages your customers with proprietary mass email and drip campaign functionality, print marketing, brandable templates and Quicksend emails that are easy to automate and track
  • Configurable dashboard and reporting engine to provide meaningful insights across your business
  • A platform that is powered by the most scalable and secure cloud in the industry, which can support many variants of team, brokerage and franchise organizations and business models.

The three firms will be exhibiting “Brokerage to the Future” at the during the 2018 Realtors Conference & Expo in Boston.

Referrals firms join forces
Meanwhile, MoxiWorks and HomeKeepr are also teaming up to enhance referrals for real estate professionals.

HomeKeepr is a comprehensive application built for real estate professionals that enables them to connect clients with their most trusted home-service providers. The new integration with MoxiWorks, which is expected to go live nationally in mid-November, will allow agents to invite their clients to utilize HomeKeepr while the agent is working within their MoxiWorks account.

"We are continuously inventing new technology tools to help real estate professionals enhance their reputation as trusted real estate experts and to make their marketing efforts seamless and convenient," said Rob Morelli, CEO of HomeKeepr. "Integrating with the popular and effective MoxiWorks platform allows their national network of agents and brokers to get started quickly by creating a HomeKeepr profile and to begin inviting their clients to HomeKeepr when they are likely to need HomeKeepr most – around the time of a home move or relocation."