Seasoned broker now embracing artificial intelligence

But that doesn't mean he's forgotten some of his old school ways

Seasoned broker now embracing artificial intelligence

Enrique Braunschweiger readily acknowledges he isn’t as tech savvy as he should be. And yet, he’s embraced artificial intelligence to help him create videos to keep his branding at the forefront.  

The president and broker-owner at First West Financial demonstrated his developing AI skills during the recent FUSE conference staged by the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) in Las Vegas. His presentation at a panel discussion on AI followed one by Russell Petty, mortgage broker at Grow Mortgage, who quickly showed an audience how he uses ChatGPT to produce scripts for TikTok videos and another tool to create flyers for open houses.  

“I’m about 100 years older than him,” he joked, referencing Petty. “As a result of that, I have a different perspective. Technology for me doesn’t come as easy.” 

Learning to love artificial intelligence 

Despite not being as tech-savvy as his younger counterpart, Braunschweiger noted he is adept at producing video. “One of the things I’m really, really big on is video,” he said. “I produce anywhere from 20 to 40 pieces of content a week. Video comes easy to me. It’s the technology part that’s difficult.”  

He’s not alone: “One of the things I encounter a lot with people – I talk to colleagues and get a lot of emails and messages – is the fact that you’re worried, you’re scared about video and don’t know how to start,” he said. 

It was then his turn at the lectern. “So what we’re doing is using ChatGPT to help us create the video but also to be able to transport that script into a vehicle so we can record it. What we do is put it in a Teleprompter. He referred to a teleprompter app, which not only displays the script but provides text in large, easy-to-read font on the phone screen, automatically scrolling the text to match the user’s place in the script.  

In using ChatGPT, he showed how he provided the platform information on himself – who he is, what he does and what he needs to accomplish. “The more information you give to ChatGPT, the better information you’re going to get.”  

He then input information related to the script he sought, and then showed the completed script to the audience. The presentation was acknowledged with spontaneous applause from members of the audience.  

Learn more about artificial intelligence 

“AI is here to stay, and it’s coming like a freight train,” Braunschweiger said. “And it’s going to infiltrate every part of our business. We’re starting just to see the tip of it.” 

Noting they were at FUSE 6 – the sixth incarnation of an annual conference – he predicted half or more of the vendors by the time FUSE 10 comes around will handle AI products.  

Despite his embrace of the cutting-edge technology, Braunschweiger noted he still has some of those old-world touches. “I’m still meeting people in the community,” he said. “I’m still one-on-one. I’m still one of those brokers where I have a room in the office where people drop in to drop off documents or meet one on one.  

But he urged others to ride the AI wave. “When you see an opportunity to learn about AI, do it,” he said of any webinars or conferences that may emerge. “Take advantage of it. Learn and use it.”  

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