PHH Mortgage continues borrower outreach events, extends partnership

Company extends its three-year tie-up with the NAACP

PHH Mortgage continues borrower outreach events, extends partnership

PHH Mortgage, the loan servicing arm of Ocwen Financial, has renewed its partnership with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to host virtual borrower outreach events for customers struggling to make their mortgage payments.

The collaboration, formed during the onset of the pandemic in 2020, is focused on conducting virtual borrower outreach events and assisting the increased number of struggling homeowners. Since 2020, the organizations have completed 145 borrower outreach events in 29 states.

PHH Mortgage said in its news release that they aim to hold 40 virtual events in multiple locations across the country this year.

The outreach events feature speakers from a local HUD-certified counseling agency and PHH Mortgage, providing attendees with information regarding mortgage assistance options. After the event, homeowners can schedule a virtual one-on-one meeting with a housing counselor and PHH Mortgage home retention agent to discuss their situations and the mortgage assistance options available to them.

"Ocwen is proud to partner with the NAACP for the fourth consecutive year," said Tamara Gifford, director of community and external relations at Ocwen. "We appreciate the ongoing support of the NAACP to help reach homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages. Our partnerships with the NAACP and local and national HUD-certified housing counseling agencies help us to provide assistance options and create positive outcomes for our homeowners and communities."

Keisha Deonarine, director of opportunity, race and justice at the NAACP, commented: "The NAACP is pleased to continue the partnership with PHH Mortgage to assist struggling homeowners who have been negatively impacted by financial hardships, including COVID-19 which continues to have a negative impact that lingers in our Black communities. Black homeowners deserve the right to resources and the opportunity to receive support to keep their homes, and borrower outreach efforts provided by PHH and the NAACP do just that."

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