Which countries feel the most vacation-deprived?

Over 3 in 5 employees globally feel they don't take enough time off: report

Which countries feel the most vacation-deprived?

More than three in five employees across the world feel "vacation deprived" or that they don't take enough vacation, according to a new Expedia report.

The report, which surveyed more than 11,500 respondents in 11 markets, found that 62% feel vacation deprived.

Employees from European countries are most likely to feel this, according to the report, particularly those from Germany (84%) and France (69%).

Expedia pointed out that many French workers still feel vacation deprived despite taking the most days off among the markets in the report.

"That's because, overwhelmingly, French workers believe time off is a basic right and that it's critical to overall health and wellbeing," the report read. "The distinctly French emphasis on the fundamental right to rest is one to adopt everywhere."

Source: Expedia

Feelings of 'vacation deprived' across the world

Japan recorded the lowest number of workers feeling vacation deprived, with only 53% feeling that they don't take enough vacation, according to the report. The low numbers come despite the low uptake of vacation days there, with employees only using up to 12 days of their provided vacation days.

According to the report, Japanese workers take advantage of their federal holidays, as well as office and school closures to take frequent and short getaways that allow for a break from the routine without using up their paid time off (PTO).

Another country where workers don't use all their PTO is the United States, where employees only use 11 days of their PTOs. As a result, 65% of employees there say they are vacation deprived, an 11-year high for Americans.

"Clearly there's a lot for the U.S. to borrow from, whether it's spreading your PTO throughout the year or prioritising rest on your next vacation," said Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group brands public relations, in a statement.

Hong Kong is the only location where respondents used up all their vacation days and more, according to the report.

With more than half of them feeling vacation deprived (57%), the report found that 15% of workers there are planning to take more time off on average than they were provided.