What makes a successful mortgage broker?

Philadelphia-based broker reveals his secrets

What makes a successful mortgage broker?

What makes a truly exceptional mortgage broker?

To answer this burning question, Mortgage Professional America turned to Yury Shraybman (pictured), the driving force behind the success of Philadelphia-based Innovative Mortgage Brokers. In the latest edition of MPA TV, Shraybman unraveled the secrets behind his outstanding achievements and uncovered the essential traits that set top-tier brokers apart.

Shraybman’s passion for helping people achieve their homeownership dreams goes beyond crunching numbers and closing deals. For Shraybman, it all boils down to one essential quality: genuine care. “A good loan officer mortgage broker is somebody who cares,” he affirms with unwavering passion. “I’m not in this for the money.

“The money is great. But at the same time, I love helping people. I love establishing long-term relationships. So when I do a loan, I want these people when they need to refinance down the road. I want these clients to think of me and come back when their family and friends need a loan. I want them to also recommend me to their family and friends. So because of that, I think providing great service is extremely important. And the reason I provide a great service is because they really care.”

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Another key weapon in Shraybman’s arsenal is his mastery of guidelines and regulations. Knowing the ins and outs of conventional and FHA loans is non-negotiable.

“That’s where a great loan officer comes in,” he said. “Many times, I’ve gotten calls from underwriters because they weren’t properly calculating income documents and things like that. I had to explain to them how to properly read what they were looking at, and often that turned it around. So, they called me, telling me the loan had been denied. And then, after having a conversation with them for about 15 to 20 minutes, they realized that they had been denied it by mistake. That happens quite often.”

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