Day in the life of Mary Kladde

Day in the life of Mary Kladde, CEO and co-founder, Titan Capital Solutions and Titan Lenders Corp.

Day in the life of Mary Kladde

Day in the life of Mary Kladde, CEO and co-founder, Titan Capital Solutions and Titan Lenders Corp.

5.00am: Get up, get ready for work, wake up the children (2), leave the house by 7 o’clock.

8.00am: At the office, getting ready for my first meeting, a Titan Capital Solutions credit policy governance meeting. This is where I review vendors’ credit to make sure they are within compliance.

10.00am: I am reviewing different technology solutions for our internal and external communication systems. We are hoping to adopt an internal ticketing system that helps us communicate between customers of Titan Capital (correspondent lenders), Titan Lenders Corp. (back-office fulfillment providers), and customers.

11.00am: I am reviewing contracts with my legal team for a new software platform. We are hoping to bring new services that do not currently exist in the market. Since the service itself does not exist, neither does the software to support it. So, we are entrepreneurial and if we see a gap in the market that we can offer, we will build the software ourselves to support it.

12.00pm: I am negotiating pricing with vendors’ compliance software for Titan Lenders. This is a normal contract renewed every year, some have to do with fraud, some have to do with credit reports compliance.

2.00pm: I am having lunch with operational leads to touch base with what is happening with new clients and any operational changes they are experiencing.

3.00pm: Around this time I am reviewing Titan Capital’s correspondent lender applications. Usually we review about three new correspondents several times a month. We make sure they are compliant, do quality control on them and then it goes to committee for approval. Usually the whole process to approve a correspondent takes about 90 to 120 days, depending on how fast they submit their information.

3.45pm: Fresh coffee and I lock myself in an office to catch up on some emails.

4.00pm: I am huddling with my CFO and CTO to review our weekly budget and ongoing expenditures.

5.00pm: Tying up any loose ends. Responding to emails at the end of the day.

6.00pm: After work I am involved with my kids. They are very active in soccer and baseball, so I am usually attending some sort of sporting event. Or, I go home at that point, sometimes do more work.

7.00pm: Dinner with the family, we chit-chat and make plans for the next day and for the weekend. This weekend, my son has a baseball tournament, so we will be talking and planning that. Once they are driving, I will be free of taking them back and forth to practices.