Building wealth through real estate

How one SVP is committed to each client's success

Building wealth through real estate

With over two decades of experience, Nicole Rueth (pictured), of Movement Mortgage, wasn’t always destined for the property scene.

“I entered mortgage lending like most originators, right by accident,” she told MPA. “I ended up running mortgage companies larger and larger until I owned my own broker shop for three years. Then I moved over to retail and the rest is history.”

At the heart of Rueth’s philosophy is a commitment to empowering clients through real estate. Her focus isn’t merely on facilitating the purchase of a home but on fostering wealth creation. 

“Our focus is really in building wealth through real estate,” she explained, emphasizing the importance of using real estate as a tool for financial stability and security. And Rueth’s approach is refreshingly pragmatic. She acknowledges that not everyone will invent the next big thing or become a social media sensation.

“But I can buy a house and I can buy the next one and the next one,” said Rueth. It’s this practical mindset that she imparts to her clients, encouraging them to view real estate as a journey rather than a destination.

The strategy at The Rueth Team is multifaceted, focusing on education and market analysis. Rueth and her team of 10, a small but mighty force, operate out of Englewood, CO, where they bring processing operations, sales, and marketing under one roof. They strive to serve clients by not just selling homes but by educating them on the intricacies of the market.

But Rueth’s expertise shines when she discusses the importance of understanding market data and geopolitical events.

“I disseminate that information through a translator, which is me,” she told MPA. Her goal? To elevate the role of real estate agents to advisors, enriching their conversations with clients by weaving in broader economic narratives.

The content creation process at The Rueth Team is robust, involving weekly and daily content, education courses, and webinars. Rueth’s passion for data and market trends is evident as she talks about creating market education and real estate economics content.

“I might take 10 data sets from this past week... and determine what that effect would be on a buyer or seller’s psyche,” explains Rueth.

And, looking ahead, Rueth told MPA that she’s focused on building a support structure for those looking to invest in real estate and secure their financial future.

“It’s been such a turbulent couple of years that a lot of people have lost what I think is their guiding light,” she said. “Whether it’s driving towards retirement or driving towards a balanced life, it’s all about your financial stability and how real estate can play a part in that.”