Branch Opportunity of the Week: Geneva Financial -- marketing, CRM and education

Geneva Financial gives its loan officers the tools to market their businesses as they see fit. Meanwhile, regular industry updates and a focus on continuing education keep LOs in the know

Some branch networks give branches a lot of guidance when it comes to marketing and customer relationships, some give a little. A loan officer’s preference depends on his or her individual style of marketing.

At Geneva Financial, branches get a lot of freedom when it comes to marketing so they can run their businesses the way they see fit.

“Our company provides a platform where loan officers can run their own business model,” says company president Aaron VanTrojen. “We don’t advertise for branch managers and loan officers. We pay the lion’s share of the commission to branch managers and loan officers so they can market the way they want.”

“Marketing and CRM and stuff is pretty much based on the loan officer and branch being signed up,” agrees Geneva Financial loan agent Justin Pierce. “All of us work a little bit differently, and all of us have different processes to generate business. Some buy leads, some generate their own. Our branch in particular emphasizes a lot on training, marketing strategy and plans.”

When it comes to education, Geneva Financial gives its loan officers the tools to stay up to speed – both in required continuing education, and with what’s going on in the industry as a whole.

“I’m really up to speed with law and regulation because I lobby for our industry,” VanTrojen says. “So I get that information out to our company – sometimes on a weekly basis, depending on what’s going on. So I’d say we’re better informed than most people just because of my interaction with our representatives. We make sure our loan officers are up to date on all the continuing education requirements. And I send out emails almost daily to all our loan officers, keeping them up to speed on what’s going on.”

“That’s something that Aaron does very well. He keeps everyone in the loop regarding government changes, guideline changes from wholesalers and banking platforms,” Pierce says. “Training is done mainly on a branch level, and everyone gets updated.”

Geneva Financial also has tools in place to ease the transition for new branches, Pierce adds.

“For branches signing up, there’s kind of a rough process for transitioning from one company to another,” he says. “We’ll set you up, guide you through our processes, and make sure you’re set up for success. The transition becomes a little less painful.

“When a loan officer transitions from one company to another, they have a pipeline,” Pierce adds. “There’s a holding pattern on licensing from company to company, and we do our very best to accommodate those loan officers’ needs during that transition. We’re right on top of it. We try to accommodate them on transitioning not only their current pipeline, but their future pipeline to us as well.”

Geneva Financial is currently licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Texas and Washington. Licenses are pending in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Nebraska and South Dakota. For more information, visit