3 Points with Mat Ishbia, August 2018

No vacation for the mortgage industry

3 Points with Mat Ishbia, August 2018

Away on vacation? We’ve got you covered. President and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage Mat Ishbia tells you what you should be paying attention to over the next few weeks – even if it’s from a sandy (overcrowded) beach somewhere.

  • Loan Officer compensation

Margins are tight, and there are rumblings around how much money loan officers are taking home. Should retail loan officers become mortgage brokers?

  • Purchase market

Everyone knows that it’s a purchase market these days, but are you prepared for that trend to continue for another 2-4 years?

  • Mortgage Fairness Act of 2017

This proposed legislation makes the points and fees calculation as it pertains to QM the same across the board, whether you’re a mortgage broker, retail lender, or a bank.

See Matt discuss these points here.


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