Toorak Capital Partners

Office address: 15 Maple Street Summit, New Jersey 07901, USA
Year established: 2016
Company type: Lending and investment
Employees: 50+
Expertise: Bridge loans, construction loans, intermediate term loans, long term rental loans
Parent company: N/A
CEO and key people: John Beacham (CEO), Eli Novey (CFO), Ketan Parekh (MD), Sachin Venugopal (CTO), Eric Dyner (director), Scott Goldman (director), Jason Ward (director)
Financing status: -

Toorak Capital Partners is one of the US' leading investment managers catering to the residential and small balance commercial real estate loan markets. The company specializes in providing long-term capital solutions to mortgage lenders and real estate investors, strengthening their capacity to lend and invest.

History of Toorak Capital Partners

Toorak Capital Partners was founded in 2016. The company has rapidly established itself as a significant player in the investment management of mortgage loans. The firm's growth has been driven by a robust funding strategy and partnerships with major institutional investors.

Products and Services of Toorak Capital Partners

Toorak Capital Partners offers a range of products and services to help fund residential and multifamily properties. These include:

  • residential bridge loans: short-term financing options for real estate investors
  • rental investor loans: long-term loans for rental investment properties
  • construction loans: financing for new construction or significant rehabilitation projects
  • small balance commercial loans: tailored financial products for small commercial real estate operations

Culture at Toorak Capital Partners

Toorak Capital Partners fosters a collaborative work environment that emphasizes integrity, innovation, and excellence. The company is committed to the professional development of its employees and maintaining a supportive culture that rewards performance and teamwork.

About Toorak Capital Partners CEO John Beacham and key people

John Beacham is a founding member and the CEO of Toorak Capital Partners, a role he has held since the company's establishment in 2016. He has a strong background in real estate finance and investment. Beacham has been instrumental in steering Toorak's strategic direction. He is focused on innovative lending solutions for the residential and small balance commercial real estate sectors. Under his leadership, Toorak has grown into a significant player in the mortgage investment industry.

Along with Beacham, these individuals play a key role in Toorak Capital Partners’ leadership team:

  • Eli Novey as CFO heads the company's finance, treasury, and accounting operations
  • Ketan Parekh as managing director handles the US lender relations and capital markets
  • Eric Dyner as director and head of strategy leads the company’s strategic projects and initiatives
  • Scott Goldman as director and head of asset management oversees the firm’s asset portfolio
  • Sachin Venugopal as CTO handles the company's technological innovations and systems
  • Jason Ward as director and head of credit he has been involved in the underwriting of more than $5 billion in debt and equity transactions

The Future at Toorak Capital Partners

Toorak Capital Partners aims to expand its portfolio and influence within the mortgage lending market. The company is focused on leveraging technology to enhance its offerings and improve the efficiency of its operations. These efforts can help ensure sustainable growth and value creation for its clients and stakeholders.

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