SunnyHill Financial

Office address: 600 California St, Suite 15-007, San Francisco, CA 94108
Year established: 2018
Company type: financial services
Employees:  20
Expertise: fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, jumbo loans, conventional loans, refinancing, HELOCs
Parent company: N/A
CEO and key people: Tyler Flora (CEO), Ben Robinson (president), Brian Cooke (VP and mortgage advisor), Joanna Mansour (director of operations), Kevin Bommarito (sales director), Marco Andrade (senior loan originator), Jinnan Mansour (processing manager)
Financing status: N/A

SunnyHill Financial is a mortgage broker based in San Francisco, CA that focuses on obtaining the best possible loans for their clients. It also provides educational resources, such as reverse mortgage guidance, amortization schedule breakdowns, and first-time homebuyer information 

History of SunnyHill Financial 

SunnyHill Financial was established in 2018 with a commitment to excellent rates, rapid loan closures, and consistent client service, aiming for overall client satisfaction. The company has grown its presence with a workforce of 20 employees and operations spanning 16 states. Over the years, the company achieved success through their streamlined digital application process and ability to secure competitive rates. 

Products and Services of SunnyHill Financial 

SunnyHill Financial offers an extensive range of products and services to meet diverse mortgage needs, including: 

  • conventional loans: traditional mortgages with competitive rates 
  • FHA loans: government-backed loans catering to a variety of borrowers 
  • VA loans: specialized mortgages for veterans, often with attractive terms 
  • jumbo loans: for those seeking to finance higher-value properties 
  • refinancing: options for homeowners looking to adjust their current mortgage terms 
  • adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs): loans with interest rates that change over time, typically starting lower than rates for fixed-rate mortgages 
  • interest-only mortgages: loans where the borrower pays only the interest for a specific period, after which they start paying off the principal 
  • home equity lines of credit (HELOCs): lines of credit secured against the value of the home, providing flexibility for borrowers to draw funds as needed 

Culture at SunnyHill Financial 

SunnyHill Financial promotes a supportive work environment through fostering a collaborative and diverse workforce. With this principle, the company values its employees by providing them with a variety of benefits. Some of these include: 

  • competitive salary and commission structures 
  • 401(k) retirement plan 
  • options for entirely remote work 
  • comprehensive benefits package including dental, health, and vision 

SunnyHill Financial’s operations integrate certain company values that make sure expectations are met and exceeded. The company ensures a streamlined experience through six key values: 

  • simplifying the process 
  • being transparent 
  • maintaining clear communication 
  • ensuring a variety of options are available 
  • providing specialists for first-time buyers 
  • facilitating speedy transactions 

About SunnyHill Financial CEO Tyler Flora and Key People 

Tyler Flora is the CEO and founder of SunnyHill Financial. Flora previously held roles at Agora Lending, Clara Lending, Sindeo, and Quicken Loans. He earned a master of health science from Grand Valley State University and a bachelor of science degree in biomedical sciences from Western Michigan University. 

Supporting Flora in leading the company are several key individuals, including: 

  • Ben Robinson, as president, leads the company by setting strategic directions and overseeing all high-level operations and decisions 
  • Brian Cooke, as the VP and mortgage advisor, is responsible for developing strategic initiatives and overseeing mortgage advising 
  • Joanna Mansour, serving as director of operations, manages the day-to-day operations of the company 
  • Kevin Bommarito, as sales director, leads the sales team by focusing on expanding the company's market reach and driving business growth 
  • Marco Andrade, senior loan originator, specializes in loan origination and provides personalized service to help clients navigate the complexities of obtaining mortgages 
  • Jinnan Mansour is the processing manager of the company, and she oversees the loan processing team 

The Future at SunnyHill Financial 

SunnyHill Financial plans to leverage advanced technology to develop its mortgage processes, enhancing its customer experience and operational efficiency. The company focuses on expanding its VA loan services, reflecting a strategic commitment to broader market segments. These objectives may place SunnyHill in an advantageous position, ensuring their business expands substantially.  

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