LYNK Capital

Office address: 7100 Six Forks Road, Suite 335, Raleigh, NC 27615
Year established: 2013
Company type: financial services
Employees: 50+
Expertise: private lending fund, mortgage investments, real estate investments, fix and flip lending, renovation loans, residential construction loans, commercial-bridge loans, rental loans
Parent company: N/A
CEO and key people: Dee Toal-Brothers (CEO and partner), Ben Lyons (fund chair and founding partner), Matt Brothers (CFO and partner), Robert Nizielski (senior investor relations advisor), Michael Temple (head of marketing), Deuce Harris (director of inside sales), Michael Huffman (director of outside sales)
Financing status: N/A

LYNK Capital is a private lending firm from Raleigh, NC, that offers loan options for real estate investors, specializing in residential renovation, construction, and more. The company has established over $750 million in loans funded. The lending company employs over 50 people and has operations across over 30 states. 

 History of LYNK Capital 

LYNK Capital was founded in 2013 after its management team's tenure at a mid-sized bank's mortgage lending division, which closed over $1 billion in loans annually. The company aimed to offer investors and borrowers innovative financing solutions to advance their real estate and construction ventures. Since its establishment, LYNK has provided over 1,750 loans to real estate investors and builders, with more than 1,450 loans repaid. 

Products and Services of LYNK Capital 

LYNK Capital provides a variety of flexible loans for real estate investors designed to have a quick and simple process. Key offerings include: 

  • fix & flip loans: offers up to 70% ARV and 95% LTC, catering to both novice and seasoned property investors 
  • construction loans: specializes in loans up to 85% LTC for new building projects, promoting quick funding turnaround 
  • rental: obtain private long-term financing to grow one’s portfolio without the hassle of bank underwriting rules 
  • bridge loans: offer short and mid-term financing options for renovated residential and mixed-use properties 

Culture at LYNK Capital 

LYNK Capital promotes a company culture where dedicated teams work in a supportive atmosphere, diligently collaborating and helping each other. The company’s core value centers around providing a streamlined, efficient service that traditional banks could no longer offer due to increasing regulatory burdens. The company's work culture is rooted in that foundational core value and the extensive combined experience of 120 years in lending, real estate, and construction. 

About LYNK Capital CEO Dee Toal-Brothers and Key People 

Dee Toal-Brothers became the CEO of LYNK Capital in March 2024 after serving as COO for nearly 9 years. With 10 years of experience, her skills in leadership, management operations, mortgage underwriting, and employee training proved to be essential to the company. Prior to LYNK Capital, she worked as a post-closing analyst at Proficio Mortgage Ventures and a compliance analyst at Taylor Morrison Home Funding. 

Her leadership is complemented and supported by key figures such as: 

  • Ben Lyons, as the fund chair and founding partner, plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of the company and is involved in managing investor relations 
  • Matt Brothers, serving as the CFO and partner, is responsible for overseeing the company's financial operations and its risk management strategies 
  • Robert Nizielski, as the senior investor relations advisor, works to enhance communication with investors, ensuring that their needs and expectations are met 
  • Michael Temple holds the position of head of marketing where he leads all marketing initiatives and manages the brand's overall presence 
  • Deuce Harris, as the director of inside sales, is integral to developing the company's sales strategies and enhancing client acquisition efforts 
  • Michael Huffman, operating as the director of outside sales, drives the company’s external sales strategies and plays a key role in acquiring new clients 

The Future at LYNK Capital 

The promotion of Dee Toal-Brothers as CEO aims to drive LYNK Capital's growth through new leadership and enhanced strategic focus in the lending industry. The company is also offering a $500 credit for additional loans throughout 2024. This promotion highlights the company's dedication to competitive financing and ongoing client support in the real estate investment sector. 

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