LoanStream Mortgage

Office address: 19000 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92612
Year established: 2001
Company type: financial services
Employees: 250+
Expertise: conventional mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans, jumbo loans, non-QM loans, wholesale loan
Parent company: N/A
CEO and key people: Rabi Aziz (CEO and chair), Serene Vernon (president), Greg Armstrong (COO), Lina Colon (CAO and co-chair), Thomas Shaw (CMO and CTO), Michelle Leigh (CCO and EVP of regulatory affairs)
Financing status: N/A

LoanStream Mortgage is a mortgage lender based in Irvin, CA. The company offers a diverse array of over 70 home loan products, including options from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, government-backed programs, and more. 

History of LoanStream Mortgage 

LoanStream Mortgage was founded in 2001 by CEO Rabi Aziz. The company was one of the first mortgage companies to incorporate non-prime lending into its traditional and government loan offerings. Over the past three decades, LoanStream Mortgage has grown to employ 250 staff members, serving clients across 48 states. 

Products and Services of LoanStream Mortgage 

LoanStream Mortgage offers an array of products that are designed to cater to the different needs of its clients, including: 

  • non-QM loans: tailored for borrowers who don't fit traditional lending criteria, featuring options like bank statement loans, asset utilization, and DSCR 
  • government programs: includes FHA, VA, and USDA loans with flexible guidelines to accommodate lower credit scores and higher LTV ratios 
  • jumbo loans: for larger loan amounts not covered by conventional limits 
  • conventional loans: standard loan options backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 
  • HELOCs and second mortgages: offers additional financing options for homeowners 
  • down payment assistance: programs like MaxONE and CalHFA support first-time homebuyers with down payment funding 

Culture at LoanStream Mortgage 

LoanStream Mortgage promotes a work culture that centers on trust, knowledge, and innovation, with a mission to efficiently complete loans using technology. Their work environment prioritizes employee well-being, offering substantial benefits like real-time commission tracking. It places high value on its employees, offering a range of benefits that enhance both personal and professional life: 

  • comprehensive health benefits 
  • 401(k) plan  
  • work from home maternity & paternity leave 
  • sick days, vacation & paid time off 
  • employee assistance program 
  • professional development 

About LoanStream Mortgage CEO Rabi Aziz and Key People 

Rabi Aziz serves as the founder and CEO of LoanStream Mortgage. Aziz has over three decades of experience, having held several senior roles in multiple companies and start-ups prior to his current position. He earned degrees in Business Administration, Banking from Cal State University Long Beach, and Finance from Cairo American College. 

Supporting him in leading the company is a team of seasoned executives: 

  • Serene Vernon, president of LoanStream Mortgage, focuses on strategic initiatives and company growth 
  • Greg Armstrong, serving as the COO, manages operational efficiency and service delivery 
  • Lina Colon, co-chair and CAO, oversees administrative operations and compliance 
  • Thomas Shaw, as the CMO and CTO, leads marketing and technology strategies across the while company 
  • Michelle Leigh, chief compliance officer and executive VP of Regulatory Affairs, ensures compliance with industry regulations 

The Future at LoanStream Mortgage 

Last year’s shrinking mortgage market and rising interest rates have inspired LoanStream Mortgage to improve future growth by innovating and broadening its product offerings. The company launched the Closed-End 2nd TD and temporary buy-downs, emphasizing its dedication to providing flexible financing tailored to varied borrower needs. With these initiatives, it positions itself to capitalize on recent market developments. 

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