Otto Dargan, Home Loan Experts (Australia)

Otto Dargan, Home Loan Experts (Australia)

Market: AU

Company: Home Loan Experts

Job title: Managing director 

Otto Dargan began his career in finance at Mortgage House in 2003 after leaving university. He started right away as a mortgage broker in one of the branches and found that he enjoyed working on the tougher loans that other brokers didn’t want to deal with. After four years of working as a mortgage broker, he decided to start his own company that would allow him to help people with loans in a more flexible environment, with a broader choice of lenders. In December 2006, Dargan Financial was founded and has since expanded rapidly. In 2009, the company name was changed to the Home Loan Experts as this new name better suited its growing online presence. It was awarded the Australian Brokerage of the Year title at the 2019 Australian Mortgage Awards. Dargan has created his own training program for brokers based on his own experience and a variety of other sources. He has a focus on continuous improvement which has driven him to complete a management course, learn public speaking and to continue to learn more about different areas of finance.