Luc Bernand, M3 (Canada)

Luc Bernand, M3 (Canada)

Market: CA

Company: m3

Job title: CEO; President

Founder & CEO of the M3 Mortgage Group, Luc Bernard is an entrepreneurial disruptor at heart. He has transformed M3's diversified family of brands into the undisputed #1 non-bank mortgage originator across Canada with 6,000+ brokers and 44 billion in annual mortgage volumes. Bernard firmly believes that brokers remain the consumer's best ally when it comes to helping all Canadians achieve their ambitions around homeownership. He is passionate about leveraging innovation and technology to reimagine today’s fast paced financial services ecosystem. With financial services as the playground, Bernard believes: brokers are the consumer’s best ally; teamwork is M3’s mantra; passion is the fuel for success; innovation and technology are the key differentiators to reimagining the financial services ecosystem.