Melton packs a six pack

Highlights include fixed rates starting as low as 2.49% and other fixes with LTVs of up to 95%.

The Melton’s 3-year discounted 2.15% has no application fee and allows customers to switch to a fixed rate at any time whilst the new offset product allows up to 100% of the mortgage balance to be offset using an online share account.

Nicola Alvarez, head of new mortgage business at the Melton, said: “Customers now have the choice of either fixed rates or discounted variable rate deals which continue to offer benefits such as capital repayment incentives, portability and in some cases, the option to link to an offset share account.

“We provide dedicated support for brokers to make placing business with us easy with flexible underwriting and direct contact with our team of assessors.”

Terms and conditions apply but all of the products are available to the whole of England and Wales and revert to the society’s standard variable rate, currently 4.99% at the end of the term (with the exception of the offset discounted for term).

Product details

Rate LTV APR APP Fee Comp Fee

1. 3 Year Discount 3.89% 95% 4.9% £199 £199

2. Fixed to 31/3/2017 4.85% 95% 5.2% £199 £199

3. Fixed to 31/12/2018 4.99% 95% 5.2% £199 £199

4. Offset Discounted for Term 2.89% 75% 3% £199 £599

5. 3 Year Discount 2.15% 75% 4.4% £0 £499

6. Fixed to 30/9/2017 2.49% 75% 4.5% £199 £399