CLSQ introduces new software providing live EPC integration

With the new product, data is updated as soon as the assessor submits an EPC rating for a property

CLSQ introduces new software providing live EPC integration

Property insights firm CLSQ has launched its latest product, Live EPC, which offers real-time access to energy performance certificate (EPC) data directly from the official register.

CLSQ said that unlike existing offerings, which are only able to access data that is updated every three months, the new product delivers point in time EPC information, eliminating the need for manual processes to ensure information is up to date.

It added that with its Live EPC product, data is updated as soon as an EPC assessor submits a new energy performance certificate for a property, enabling lenders to have access to real-time information that can be used for immediate impact assessment of green lending initiatives, new lending decisions, and back book analysis.

“We provide a full spectrum of data led solutions for the complete property lifecycle,” Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell (pictured), chief innovation officer at CLSQ, commented. “Environmental sustainability is a key consideration for everyone in the industry and the EPC of a property offers a vital piece of information in any lending decision or back book analysis. It also provides the backbone for the growing number of green lending initiatives that are being launched by lenders.

“However, prior to the launch of Live EPC, lenders had to rely on data feeds that were potentially three months out-of-date, or laborious manual processes, to ensure they had the information they needed. Live EPC changes that – simplifying the process through automation, and this gives lenders a data advantage upon which they can build their asset portfolios for the future.”

Hugh Fitzpatrick, chief risk officer at Shawbrook Bank, added that integrating CLSQ’s Live EPC solution had equipped them with valuable real-time data on a property’s EPC record, enabling greater efficiency at origination and facilitating downstream product recommendations tailored to their borrowers.

“CLSQ’s innovative approach and commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions have significantly improved our decision-making processes,” Fitzpatrick said.

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