How I became a broker – Austyn Johnson's story

Happier as a mortgage professional, he now considers himself "one of the lucky ones"

How I became a broker – Austyn Johnson's story

Regular readers of this publication may already know that Austyn Johnson (pictured) used to be an aircraft engineer prior to becoming a mortgage broker. The story of his career shift was featured here last year, as well as the account of how his Mortgages For Actors brand came to be.

In this new feature article, we not only revisit how he got into the mortgage industry, but also learn about his motivations and the plans that he has for his personal career and his business.

Getting into the industry

“As your readers may have read before, I used to be an aerospace engineer until one day, I decided that I would like an indoor workspace!” Johnson told Mortgage Introducer.

But why mortgages? “I’ve always been interested in mortgages, and I’ve always been quite good with numbers,” he replied. “I thought to myself then, if I don’t do it now, I’m never going to do it.”

To be able to execute this career change, Johnson retrained and worked hard to obtain his broker qualifications. He eventually did and used those newly acquired qualifications to search for a job in the mortgage industry.

“HD consultants took a chance on me, and several years later, I’m in the best job I can imagine running the Mortgages For Actors brand and enjoying each day of work,” he said.

Motivations to continue as a broker

“I love talking to people,” Johnson admits. “My wife, an introvert, hates how easily I can walk up to anyone and strike up a conversation!

“My clients – they usually stay with us for the long run too, so we have regular chats, contact via Instagram, and it’s nice to be accepted into that part of the community too. My clients don’t just see me as a mortgage broker, they see me as part of their industry.”

Johnson considers himself “one of the lucky ones” who really enjoy what they do for work.

“Talking to new people and helping them solve their issues is great, and I hope to retire from the job when I’m old and decrepit,” he quipped.

“This job has allowed me to make the most of who I am, and not just what I can do with tools. Of course, I have the digital tools to do my job now, but the most effective way to build your clients and income is to talk to people. Everyone wants to be heard.”

Looking to the future

Johnson shared that the business was now looking to hire more brokers under the Mortgage For Actors (M4A) name and push forward with expansion.

“Our niche is such a personal one that the more personal people we have on staff, the more clients we can help and put into houses,” he said. “Already, M4A is a huge brand among a large portion of the UK entertainment personnel, but my vision is to be the name for them, and you never know maybe one day – global!

“Pipe dreams I know. We have some big news coming up soon, so it may happen sooner rather than later.”

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