Skipton International

Office address: PO Box 509, Tudor House, Le Bordage, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 6DS 
Year established: 2009 
Company type: financial services 
Employees: 100+ 
Expertise: offshore savings accounts, expat mortgages, UK BTL mortgages for foreign nationals, fixed rate mortgages, interest-only mortgages, repayment mortgages 
Parent company: N/A 
Key people: Jim Coupe (CEO), Jonathan Dell (CFO), Pete Turner (COO), Kaz Veljovic (CPO), Nigel Pascoe (director of business development), Shane Konken (senior customer operations manager), Kurt van Addison Sr (business development manager) 
Financing status: N/A 

Skipton International is a financial company headquartered in St. Peter Port, specialising in offshore banking and mortgage solutions. The company primarily serves customers in the Channel Islands and offers UK buy-to-let mortgages to global expats. In 2024, Skipton International celebrated reaching 100 employees and reported total assets of £2.6 billion, with a mortgage book valued at £2.1 billion for 2023. 

History of Skipton International 

Skipton International was formed in 2009 by merging Skipton Guernsey and Scarborough Channel Islands. They began sponsoring the Skipton Swimarathon in Guernsey in 2010, supporting local charities. In 2014, they extended their services to include UK Buy-To-Let mortgages for British expats, and by 2019, non-UK citizens as well. 

The company was named Guernsey ‘Business of the Year’ in 2015 and launched a bursary scheme for students. The Skipton Community Fund was established in 2018 to aid charitable groups in the Channel Islands. By 2023, they served customers in over 100 countries and achieved over £2 billion in mortgage lending. 

Products and Services of Skipton International 

Skipton International offers mortgage and banking services to its customers across 100 countries. Key offerings include: 

  • fixed rate mortgages: offers the stability of fixed monthly payments for the term 

  • interest-only mortgages: provides an option where customers pay only the interest monthly, with the principal due at the end of the term 

  • repayment mortgages: enables customers to pay both the interest and part of the principal in each instalment, gradually reducing the mortgage 

  • buy-to-let mortgages: specifically designed for investors looking to purchase property to rent out, available to both UK and non-UK nationals 

  • savings accounts: includes a variety of offshore savings options in Sterling and US Dollars, catering to different saver needs 

  • business accounts: tailored financial solutions for corporate clients, enhancing their ability to manage funds efficiently 

Culture at Skipton International 

Skipton International invests heavily in training and talent development, ensuring employees can advance and excel in their careers, primarily through their Talent Development Scheme. The company’s ethos is centred around three core values: trust, ownership, and one team. Along with these principles, the company takes care of its staff through a variety of employee benefits, including: 

  • private medical insurance 
  • a generous pension scheme with a 10% annual contribution 
  • life assurance, performance-based bonuses 
  • preferential terms on staff savings accounts paid volunteer days
  • participation in a sports and social club 
  • £1,000 bonus for successful colleague referrals 

Skipton International is dedicated to integrating sustainability into its core operations, closely aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company's goals include achieving carbon neutrality by 2024 and becoming carbon negative by 2026, focusing on significant environmental impact reduction. This strategic approach is bolstered by comprehensive initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices across all areas of the business, including: 

  • carbon reduction measures: implementing strategies to decrease carbon emissions across operations 

  • community support projects: engaging in programs that support and uplift local communities 

  • sustainable resource use: promoting efficient and responsible use of resources in daily operations 

  • environmental awareness campaigns: educating stakeholders about the importance of sustainability 

Skipton International is committed to diversity and inclusion, supporting the Guernsey Employment Disability Charter and implementing extensive disability and customer vulnerability training for all staff. The company encourages physical activity, which is facilitated by the natural environment of the Channel Islands, promoting regular participation in outdoor activities. Other initiatives for diversity and inclusion include: 

  • Guernsey Employment Disability Charter: commitment to inclusive employment practices for individuals with disabilities 

  • disability and vulnerable customer training: mandatory training for all employees to enhance support and service 

  • partnerships with mental health charities: collaborations that support mental health awareness and employee well-being 

  • Mental Health First Aiders: availability of trained staff to assist colleagues with mental health concerns 

  • promotion of physical activities: encouraging engagement in outdoor sports and activities to improve health and well-being 

About Skipton International CEO Jim Coupe and Key People 

Jim Coupe has served as the CEO of Skipton International since 2023, having various roles in the company since 2009. Coupe previously served as a director at Central Capital and Cable & Wireless Guernsey, and as dial data services manager at Mercury Communications. He holds an MBA from the University of Warwick and a BSc in electronic and manufacturing engineering from Loughborough University. 

The team that supports Coupe in leading the company is comprised of several key individuals, including: 

  • Jonathan Dell, as CFO, oversees financial operations, ensuring strategic fiscal management 

  • Pete Turner, serving as COO, manages the company’s operational strategies, enhancing efficiency across processes 

  • Kaz Veljovic, as chief people officer, focuses on human resources, nurturing the company’s workforce 

  • Nigel Pascoe, director of business development, leads market expansion and product development initiatives 

  • Shane Konken serves as senior customer operations manager, ensuring optimal customer service delivery 

  • Kurt van Addison Sr, as business development manager, drives business growth through strategic partnerships and initiatives

The Future at Skipton International 

Skipton International is enhancing its leadership team, including seeking a new chief information officer and chief marketing officer. These roles aim to strengthen the company's digital and marketing strategies, essential in expanding its operations, online presence, and product development. 

The company also continues to grow its mortgage offerings, particularly for UK buy-to-let properties aimed at expatriates. Skipton International’s commitment to customer service and market expansion is reflected in their consistent recognition and awards in the financial sector. Moving forward, these developments are set to greatly improve the company's global footprint and operational efficiency. 

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