Mortgage Saving Experts

Office address: 47 John Ireland Way, Washington, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 4EP 
Year established: 2017 
Company type: financial services 
Employees: 10+ 
Expertise: first time buyer mortgages, buy to let mortgages, moving home mortgages, lifetime mortgages, complex mortgages, equity release, insurance 
Parent company: N/A 
Key people: Barry Webb (CEO and founder), Lynette Webb (co-owner and director), Raghavendra Malakannagari (mortgage advisor), Shaun White (specialist), Susan Strange CeMap (mortgage editor), Stuart Moffat (broker), Jacqui Simmons (BDM) 
Financing status: N/A 

Mortgage Saving Experts, a West Sussex-based mortgage brokerage, specialises in providing comprehensive mortgage and insurance solutions. With over 10 employees and various partnered lenders, they offer personalised advice and tailored financial products to meet diverse client needs. They pride themselves on their extensive knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

History of Mortgage Saving Experts 

Webb and his wife launched Mortgage Saving Experts in 2017 to change the industry by fostering an open network where everyone is heard. Over the years, the company has expanded its services and grown significantly, being able to employ multiple people and partner with many lenders.  

In 2021, the company met a productive year, aiming at maintaining its client-based approach, hiring more brokers, and creating a mortgage broker training academy. In 2024, they participated in the London Mortgage Expo, aiming to expand its network and customers, while also developing its services. 

Products and Services of Mortgage Saving Experts 

Mortgage Saving Experts offers a wide range of mortgage-related services designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients. These include: 

  • mortgages: offering tailored mortgage solutions to suit various financial situations and needs 

  • remortgaging: assisting clients in finding better rates and terms to save money on existing mortgages 

  • moving home: providing expert advice for clients looking to purchase new properties 

  • first time buyer mortgages: guiding first-time buyers through the complex process of securing their first mortgage 

  • buy to let mortgages: offering specialised products for clients interested in property investment 

  • equity release brokers: helping clients unlock the value of their property for financial flexibility 

  • lifetime mortgages: providing long-term mortgage solutions for older clients 

  • complex mortgages: tailoring solutions for clients with unique or challenging financial situations 

Culture at Mortgage Saving Experts 

Mortgage Saving Experts’ professional, approachable team simplifies the mortgage process, making clients feel like family. Through joining The Broker Network, also under the leadership of Barry and Lynette Webb, one will be provided full support. With decades of experience, they have successfully assisted thousands with their mortgage needs, while also providing their team members with:  

  • enhanced proc fees 

  • exclusive rates 

  • business support 

  • mortgage and protection helpdesk 

  • integrated CRM, sourcing, application systems, and research 

  • exclusive policies and rates via preferred packager 

  • direct access to secured and bridging loan lenders 

  • freedom to run your business your way 

  • a company that values adviser feedback 

Mortgage Saving Experts values honesty and transparency, offering customers an experienced service to ease the mortgage and insurance process. They treat every application as their own, ensuring client confidence. Their values include: 

  • being professional 

  • staying knowledgeable 

  • always be approachable 

  • commits to be invested in the client 

About Mortgage Saving Experts CEO Barry Webb and Key People 

Barry Webb serves as the company's CEO. With years of experience in the mortgage industry, he has led Mortgage Saving Experts to success with his expertise and dedication. Before, Webb worked as an administrator at John Charcol, underwriter for Platform Home Loans, adviser at Lloyds Bank, and as a self-employed independent mortgage adviser. 

Key individuals that help the CEO lead and operate the company include: 

  • Lynette Webb, serves as co-owner and director, overseeing strategic decisions and company operations 

  • Raghavendra Malakannagari, as a mortgage advisor, providing expert guidance on various mortgage products 

  • Shaun White, as whole of market mortgage and protection specialist, ensuring clients receive comprehensive mortgage and protection solutions 

  • Susan Strange CeMap, serving as the mortgage editor, maintaining the accuracy and quality of mortgage-related content 

  • Stuart Moffat, a mortgage and protection broker, dedicated to finding the best deals for clients 

  • Jacqui Simmons, as business development manager and broker recruitment, focused on expanding the company's reach and recruiting top talent 

The Future at Mortgage Saving Experts 

The future of Mortgage Saving Experts is promising, with the company aiming to expand its services and reach more clients. They are focusing on leveraging lessons from past economic downturns to improve their resilience and service offerings. Recently, Barry Webb emphasised the importance of adapting to market changes and continuously enhancing customer service.  

The company plans to invest in new technologies and training programs to stay ahead of industry trends. These activities position Mortgage Saving Experts for sustained growth and success in the competitive mortgage market. As they move forward, they remain dedicated to their core values and client-centric approach, ensuring they continue to lead in the mortgage brokerage industry. 

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