Chad Gomoll, Senior vice president, national production, Inlanta Mortgage

Senior vice president, national production
Inlanta Mortgage

In November 2016, Chad Gomoll took on the role of SVP of national production at Inlanta Mortgage, leading the independent mortgage banker’s efforts to grow and gain market share. Since he took the job, the company has added 14 new branches and four new states. In addition, Gomoll added three new regional vice presidents and a national trainer to the team.
Prior to this role, Gomoll spent six years with Genworth Mortgage Insurance, where he grew one of its top regions and added eight out of the 11 account managers for the region. In 2016, the region placed more than $5 billion worth of mortgage insurance. Gomoll is an active member of the MBA’s secondary committee of RESBOG. He was also a member of the board of directors of the Dallas MBA from 2012 to 2015 and was selected as a recipient of the Whooten Scholarship for the MBA’s Future Leaders Program.

“As a future leader, the focus on the industry and its members has been at the forefront in guiding my career,” Gomoll says. As part of the diversity & inclusion initiative at Inlanta Mortgage, he and his team have created a new Loan Officer Apprentice program to introduce new LOs to the business.
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