Co-founder, president and CEO
Opes Advisors

As co-founder and CEO of Opes Advisors, Susan McHan provides leadership and direction for the firm by guiding policy, client services, strategic direction and business development, all while ensuring the company serves as a model of responsible lending. Like most, McHan entered the mortgage industry by happenstance. She planned to become a teacher and got a degree in secondary education, but while doing nonprofit work in management, she was offered a position with a mortgage group and has been in the industry ever since. Today, McHan leads a team of 168 mortgage and personal finance advisors who closed more than $3 billion in loans in 2015.

Prior to Opes Advisors, McHan co-founded and served as president for Elliot Ames, a high-end mortgage bank and investment services company in the Bay Area. McHan has also served as an expert source for her local ABC affiliate, as well as local and national publications. She is a member of The Women of Silicon Valley Donor Circle, National Association of Women’s Business Leaders and the Financial Women’s Association.
Company Information
  • Company Opes Advisors
  • Head Office 19330 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014