How a social media specialist can help your marketing strategy

by Ryan Smith18 Jan 2018

Strategy development is the biggest pain point for social media marketers, but barely a third of them hire outside experts to help develop a social media strategy, according to a new study.

A survey conducted by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm, found that 65% of companies haven’t worked with a social media consultant or marketing agency. Many of those firms, Clutch found, struggle with developing an effective social media strategy.

“Agencies aren’t cheap, but many businesses don’t realize that they are often far less expensive than an in-house social media option done well, said Steve Pearson, CEO of social engagement company Friendemic.

“Business owners and marketing teams have a lot on their plates, and social media isn’t always a priority,” said Marty McDonald, co-founder and CEO social marketing firm Bad Rhino. “An agency can help develop a strategy faster.”

One advantage of consulting a social media marketing specialist is precisely that specialization; social media is all they do. Many other marketing firms – even digitally focused firms – have other priorities.

“Working with a social media-specific agency lends more confisence that they are experienced in the social media aspect of digital marketing,” said Sean Standberry, CEO of LYFE Marketing. “In comparison, some digital marketing agencies may be weak in the social media department because they focus on other areas, like SEO, SEM and email.”


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