Wells Fargo CEO's departure isn't good enough, Warren says

by Ryan Smith13 Oct 2016
Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is out, but that’s not enough for Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The banking giant announced yesterday that Stumpf was stepping down effective immediately. His departure comes as Wells Fargo is rocked by a continuing scandal over its opening of 2 million unauthorized customer accounts But the fact that Stumpf simply got to retire – especially, as USA Today reported, with a $134 million exit package – was too much for the Massachusetts senator.

Warren, already known for her frequent, outspoken tweets, took to Twitter after news of Stumpf’s departure broke to vent her feelings on the matter:
Warren wasn't done yet, following up the initial tweet with a mini-tweet storm criticizing Stumpf:
Warren has been vocal in her calls that Stumpf and other executives should face criminal investigation for the scandal. She reiterated that call in her tweets:


  • by BVG | 10/13/2016 4:05:16 PM

    That clown needs to be prosecuted. Period.

  • by Fed up | 10/14/2016 7:29:20 AM

    She has some nerve! CFPB is a joke and ONLY hurts lower to middle income families and seriously, when has anyone in government, faced consequences for their actions?

  • by Fed up | 10/14/2016 7:34:14 AM

    And lets not forget Dodd/Frank...biggest joke ever! Protects crappy appraisers, drove out the good ones, increased ALL appraisal costs by 30% or more...who pays that? We do! What a bunch of idiots! Next time they want to regulate somethinf, they may want to ASK people who have actually worked in that industry since a lot of those idiots have not held jobs in those industries. One size DOES NOT fit all!


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