Solutionstar names new CIO

by MPA27 Feb 2015
Deva Kannan, former vice president of Groupon Goods, is joining a Nationstar Mortgage subsidiary as its new chief information officer.
Solutionstar is set to welcome Kannan, who will lead the company’s technology and information service initiatives, including the creation two research and development facilities in Seattle, Wash., and Chennai, India.
“We’re looking forward to leveraging Deva’s broad experience with online retail to facilitate an approach in real estate that places the consumer first, and then works backwards from that experience to integrate and automate all of the property search and transactional services, creating a more transparent and meaningful experience,” said Solutionstar chief executive Kal Raman.
Kannan also served as executive for companies like,, Blockbuster and Walmart early in his career.


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