Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Hires National Marketing Director to Join Executive Management Team to Expand Brand Footprint!

by 08 Jun 2010


Paramount Residential Mortgage Group – Hires Paul Lucido as National Marketing Director for PRMG to help expand brand footprint.  “We are excited to have Paul join our executive team” said Paul Rozo, CEO of PRMG. “Paul comes to us with an extensive marketing and business development background in the mortgage industry.  Along with his marketing expertise and unique career, which includes forays into engineering design and a stint as a freelance graphic designer, Paul has a proven track-record which has helped a diverse clientele base tell their stories in a compelling and memorable fashion”. Some of Paul’s campaigns won Best Advertising Design and Concept for 2002, 2003, and 2004 while serving as VP of National Marketing for First Magnus Financial Corporation.
Initially, Paul Lucido will be working closely with Paul Rozo in the development of PRMG’s overall industry presence in maintaining brand consistency throughout all their marketing communication, media and web.  Additionally, he will be meeting with several key department heads of multiple origination channels to discern various marketing needs to get a flavor for the PRMG story from a variety of perspectives, including most importantly, our customers.
CEO Paul Rozo has slated 2010 to be a banner year for PRMG, as they continue to reach out to their brokers and share their company vision and core message, letting them know we are here to support them.  With the addition of Mr. Lucido as National Marketing Director, we are confident that we will be able carry this message across our current business channels as we continue to expand our footprint on a national level.



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