Linear Title & Closing Increases Its Employee Base by 250%

by 18 Sep 2012

September 17, 2012 - - Middletown, RI - - Linear Title & Closing has seen dramatic growth in their employee base in the last few years. In January of 2010 Linear Title & Closing had 50 employees. Linear now has 175 employees as of August of 2012, which represents an increase of 250%. The increase is largely due to their industry leading data processing technology that results in almost instantaneous updates of loan processing documents. This ability to process documents quickly has helped Linear to attract large loan originators to its client portfolio and has made the company an industry leader.


Linear Title processes loan documents for its clients in every state from its processing center located in Middletown, RI.  According to Nick Liuzza, President of Linear Title & Closing, "To the best of my knowledge we are one of the fastest growing loan document processing companies in the country.   We have opened offices in Nevada, Texas, Arizona and California to better serve larger volume markets. Our rapid growth has been very gratifying and is testimony to our unending pursuit of back end automation which results in unparalleled speed in processing loan settlement documents." 


The company also attributes its success to a loyal employee base. Liuzza also commented "We often hear that RI is one of the worst markets in which to grow a new business.  We believe the opposite; it is because of RI that we are successful.  It has been our experience that local labor markets are starving for companies like Linear that are built around automation and productive data processing. We are a home grown company with home grown talent and our employee turnover is extremely low".


Linear Title & Closing Ltd. is a recognized industry leader that delivers technology driven settlement solutions and provides targeted products to lenders, which increase origination and ensure compliance. Linear Title & Closing is based in Middletown, Rhode Island, with offices in Texas, Nevada and California. Linear conducts business in every state nationwide.


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