Client testimonials best advertising of all

by Donald Horne18 Jun 2015

Every company boasts they have excellent customer service – but one company is sharing its testimonials online, building on a proven sales technique of good word-of-mouth.

“Being successful marketing your business online requires you to build and gain trust through an impersonal medium,” says Zach South, president of Best Rate Referrals Mortgage Marketing Professionals. “Showing testimonials from real clients can be a valuable way to bring that personal touch to your marketing campaigns and gain trust from new prospects.”

It is that old adage that your best advertising is a happy customer, and one that South and Best Rate Referrals take advantage of, publishing client testimonials online:

“I have had more success with their telemarketing leads than any other leads I have ever purchased since I got in the business six years ago,” writes Randy Szabo, of West Horizon Financial. “When I contact the borrowers of one of the telemarketing leads, it seems as though they are expecting my call which makes the origination process so much easier on my end. I estimate my closing ratio is around 8-10% which has made this lead source very profitable.”

And another from Adam Stein of Cascade Pacific Mortgage Company:

“We have been able to successfully integrate best rate referrals into our strategic mortgage origination marketing,” writes Stein. “In dealing with Best Rate Referrals we get a great price on quality leads that when worked (they don't close themselves) will produce revenue.”

The testimonials are an excellent way for a business to differentiate itself from their competitors, says South, especially given that a lot of the market has shifted to the web.

“With the amount of business being conducted online these days,” says South, “building this trust and helping you stand out among your competitors is a must to become successful.”

The testimonials can be powerful selling tools, especially when they explain what a company does, and how they can make the process of doing business easier:

“After working with different marketing companies with very poor results, I finally found the company that I will use from now on,” says Jose Canto of American Home Modification Services. “Donny Wyszynski walked me through the whole process, gave me honest and good advice and the campaign was a success.”



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