Essent MI now enhanced with Mortgage Credence integration

by Anna Sobrevinas10 Feb 2017

Essent Guaranty, a private mortgage insurance provider, announced that access to its MI services is now easier through its integration with Mortgage Cadence’s Enterprise Lending Center.

“With the enhanced Essent MI integration within Mortgage Cadence’s ELC, lenders can access a greater array of MI products, premium payment types and coverage choices, and thus gives them many options to offer borrowers,” said Bill Kaiser, Essent Guaranty’s chief operations officer. “Essent believes that clients will be elated to take advantage of the process automation afforded by this sophisticated integration that will save time and minimize human error.”

Lenders will be able to lessen cycle times and costs through the loan origination solution, and the integration will let other lenders supply MI quotes to borrowers at time of origination while remaining on the platform.

“Mortgage Cadence is continuously working on third-party integration options to best serve our clients’ long-term needs,” said Paul Weizel, EVP of product management at Mortgage Cadence. “This integration with Essent is just one great example of our commitment to help our customers enhance efficiency and reduce risk through full featured integrations.”

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