Customer applauds originators’ dedication

by Justin da Rosa02 Feb 2016
A rave review from a grateful customer drives home the value that small, non-bank lenders provide to clients.

“I wanted to personally thank you for all of your hard work.  Your communication was excellent, and you kept us informed at all times, which was extremely appreciated,” a client named Sheila wrote to her loan processor, Elmer Togonon, of Homeside Financial. “The one thing on my bucket list was to buy a home, so I know my kids will have stability and comfort; so they will have a home.”

Sheila went on to explain in the letter, which was obtained by MPA, that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

“I'm not scared and don't want any pity; I just want you to understand why this home,  for my children and husband,  was something I wanted so badly,” the client wrote. “And I want to thank you for all your effort.”

It’s a touching sentiment and a solid reminder why mortgage originators do what they do.
And it’s also a testament to the customer-centric model so many smaller originators pride themselves on.

“Banks aren’t focused solely on mortgage lending and (smaller non-banks’) entire existence is based on doing a great job with one product – mortgages,” Dan Snyder, co-founder and managing partner of Homeside Financial, told Mortgage Professional America. “Smaller lenders have to care about the customer first because we live and die based on how good we are to clients.”


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