Big bank to pay big for robocall harassment

by MPA15 Dec 2014
A federal court judge has ordered Bank of America to pay more than $1 million to a Florida couple for continuously robocalling them for four years, despite written and verbal requests to stop.
Nelson and Joyce Coniglio sued the bank for harassment after receiving more than 700 automated calls when they fell behind on their mortgage payments in 2009, according to
Bank of America said in court documents that the calls were meant to be helpful, not threatening and made because the bank was concerned that the couple might lose their home. 
In September 2013, the bank paid $32 million to settle a lawsuit with a reported 7.7 million customers who claimed they were harassed by such robocalls, according to ABC News. In the case, Bank of America said it denied the allegations but settled to avoid further legal costs.
Back in 2010, ABC News reported that a Texas-based company Bank of America had contracted to make debt collection calls were using racist and obscene language to try to coax debts from customers.
“What’s up, you f---ing n----r?” said one of the collection agents in a message to 32-year-old Allen Jones of Dallas, who at the time owed $81 on his Bank of America credit card.


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