Agent v. cartel: Real estate broker plays crucial role in apprehending drug ring

by MPA11 Jan 2016
Federal agents took down the Dallas cell of a Mexican drug ring using crucial information provided by a local real estate broker, according to court documents released on Wednesday.
Former real estate agent Nicolas Salinas – who in April 2015 was convicted and sentenced to six years in federal prison for ferrying methamphetamine and other illegal substances for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel – cooperated with authorities in identifying the drug ring’s members in Dallas and Atlanta, GA.
Salinas worked as a real estate agent in the area before the expiration of his license in 2014. He said that he was previously in regular contact and close collaboration with Oscar “La Momia” Soto-Cabezas, who was tagged as the person in charge of the Dallas and Atlanta operations of the Mexican cartel.
Soto-Cabezas remains at large.
The drug ring, described by authorities as among the fastest-growing groups in Mexico, bought a safehouse in South Dallas to store cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Court records showed that Salinas was named the owner of the estate to avoid scrutiny.
The property was then used as the staging ground for a massive web of operations that spanned all the way to Mexico via Laredo, TX.


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